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For optimal performance, please access questionnaires through one of the following browsers:

  • Firefox and Chrome any version (recommended)
  • Safari up to version 11.0
  • Internet Explorer up to version 11.0 (not recommended)

For entry of questionnaires:   Click here

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Contact Information for Clinic Research Staff 
Please contact us anytime with any questions or concerns: 
In Salt Lake City:
 Research staff phone (801) 587-1180 
 Research staff email address: 
 Research fax (801) 587-8589 
In Orem- Parkway Health Center: 
 Research staff phone (801) 234-8572 
 Research staff email address: 
 Research fax (801) 224-3137 
In South Jordan- Daybreak Clinic: 
 Research staff phone (801) 213-5998 
 Research staff email address: 
 Research fax (801) 213-5997 
In Iowa City - University of Iowa
 Research staff phone (319) 356-8862
 Research staff email address:
 Research site website:
In Chicago - Northwestern University
 Research staff phone: (312) 503-4118
 Research staff email address:
In St. George - Dixie Regional Medical Center: 
 Research staff phone (435) 688 - 4284
 Research staff email address:


Contact Information for Technical Questions 

If you have trouble accessing these or have any technical questions, please call the Data Coordinating Center at:  

  • During business hours: (301) 251-1161 ext 12792
  • During off hours: (855) 397-9423

Provide your participant username and phone number for a call back if you reach the voicemail.