A brief description of IDEAL

Although urological and/or gynecological disorders are the primary causes for infertility, diet, physical activity, and other lifestyle factors in men and women may also improve or exacerbate fertility problems. This study expands the Folic Acid and Zinc Supplementation Trial (FAZST) in order to study the effects of dietary and other modifiable lifestyle factors in the female partners of the FAZST participants. The Impact of Diet, Exercise, And Lifestyle on Fertility: The IDEAL Fertility Study is the first study of its size and kind that may lead to scientific breakthroughs regarding lifestyle factors that can help alleviate fertility problems.


What is the primary objective of IDEAL?

The primary objective of this study is to evaluate if diet and other modifiable lifestyle factors (i.e., physical activity, sleep, psychosocial stress, etc.) impact pregnancy outcomes and fertility among female partners of FAZST participants who are trying to conceive.


Can I participate?

All couples eligible for the FAZST protocol are eligible to participate in IDEAL. Please contact us for further eligibility criteria.


What will I need to do if I join IDEAL?

Female Participants will:

  • Meet with a research staff member for a detailed follow-up at baseline
  • Anthropometric and vital sign measurements will be taken
  • Provide saliva, blood, and urine at baseline, follow-ups, and/or each trimester of pregnancy
  • Wear a Fitbit throughout the study and sync at least weekly
  • Answer questionnaires regarding dietary intake and lifestyle at follow-ups and at each trimester if you become pregnant
  • Answer a simple monthly online questionnaire about whether or not you are currently pregnant


Are there risks?

  • Potential bruising or bleeding at the site of blood draw, and potential discomfort during the blood draw
  • Small risk of radiation exposure if undergoing the DEXA scan, though is similar to levels of exposure for one day of natural background radiation
  • Small risk of breach of confidentiality


Are there any potential benefits?

  • Close medical evaluations
  • During these evaluations, information about your medical care and fertility may be discovered that may not have known had you not participated


Will I be reimbursed?

You will be compensated for your study visits, as well as receive a fitness tracker to track your physical activity and sleep throughout the study.